Call for Sponsors

TL:DR The call for sponsors for WordCamp US 2017 is open! Click here to apply

Sponsoring WordCamp US is a little different than sponsoring your average tech conference or trade show. It’s different than vying for a branding opportunity at a swanky corporate party. It’s sponsoring a lot of intangibles, but those intangibles pay off. It’s supporting the WordPress Community.

It’s being a part of the WordPress Community.

So, what does your company get out of sponsoring WordCamp US? It gets the attention of attendees who are highly engaged. They tune in, listen, and observe. You have the opportunity to be a part of a community that works because everyone works together. By being a part of this event, community members and attendees get to know you and your brand on a deeper level. Your support enables attendees to have a high-quality conference at a super affordable price.

We’re more about the holistic experience than the showmanship. Sure, there will be booths, banners, and swag. A bit of glitz and glamor. Everyone loves those. But more importantly there will be connection and conversation. Engagement with the driving force of WordPress. We are people driven. Community driven. Code driven.

The WordCamp program is unique and thrives because of the sum of all its parts and when you sponsor WordCamp US 2017 you make all this possible.

We want to make sponsorship and support of our event as attainable for those who support the WordPress Community as possible. With that in mind this year WordCamp US has sponsorship opportunities available from $300 to $75,000. We hope there’s a level that will work for you and your company.

For more information or to apply to sponsor, check out our Sponsors page.

We’ll see you in December.