Community Bazaar

Photo credit: Reed Gustow

Does your local WordPress community give you warm fuzzies? Do your community members show up in force to Meetups and WordCamps? Is there something special about your corner of the WordPress community that you’re certain doesn’t exist anywhere else?

Wouldn’t it be neat to share that story with every other community in the world? Here’s your chance to do just that!

We all know how popular WordPress is since it’s powering 28% of websites on the internet. But is this why we love it? No. It is more. It’s relationships, it’s people, it’s education, it’s teaching, and it’s sharing.

This is a call to showcase your city or region’s WordPress Community. What makes it special? Why does it stand out? Tell us all about it.

This year at WordCamp US, we’re hosting a Community Bazaar. We’re going to physically showcase your WordPress community, and you could have the opportunity to represent your WordPress city or region to the world! But until WCUS commences, we’d like to post all about your WP community online, so tell us all about it! What makes it awesome? Why do you get excited for that next meetup or that next WordCamp? Share your stories with us and make your community shine at WordCamp US 2017!