Call for WCUS Organizers

Organizing any WordCamp is a tremendous undertaking, and WordCamp US is no different. We need some amazing members of the WordPress Community to join us. We’re looking for committed folks with WordCamp planning experience to join the team in following roles:

Contributor Day

This role is responsible for the organizing of the contributor groups. This team will be connecting with the various contributor teams from the WordPress community projects and coordinate between the teams needs and venue logistics.

Logistics Team

This role will be teamed with a local organizer to handle many things Venue, Hotel, Parking, Transit and many other smaller items. Being able to finding the missing tasks in the cracks would be a great skill to have!


Apply here!

Applications for the WCUS organizing team will close Friday, March 24, 2017 at 5pm CT. But spots on the team will be filled as soon as possible if we find a perfect fit, so if any of those roles sound right for you don’t delay.

Top photo credit: Sheri Bigelow, licensed cc-by-nc.